THE STAGELIKE EFFECT OF FLAWLESSLY MATTE SKIN – Christian Laurent – Luksusowy wymiar piękna


The perfect foundation on the skin doesn’t look like foundation, but a perfectly smooth, matte, radiant skin without imperfections.

The CHRISTIAN LAURENT brand, in response to a combination of the natural “no-makeup makeup” look trend and theatrical ULTRA HD technology developed to meet the demands of the latest TV and cinema technologies, introduces its newest foundation::

Christian Laurent HD
Liquid to powder

ineral pigments, 24K gold, silk

Revolutionary mineral foundation with mattifying properties stands out with its unique LIQUID TO POWDER consistency, shifting from a liquid to a velvety powder state upon contact with the skin. The mineral pigments blend into the skin perfectly, combining flawless coverage with natural “second skin” texture, without the mask effect. Developed in cooperation with make-up artists, the 4M PIXEL FUSION technology enriched with precious 24K gold and nurturing silk ensures a 24H effect of flawless and perfectly matte skin straight out of a Hollywood set.

What’s the secret of the handpicked ingredients of the mineral mattifying foundation?

Mineral pigments are substances whose action is based on colouring, covering and mattifying effects.

24K Gold – smooths out the skin and makes it glowing and firm. It helps reduce micro-wrinkles and improves the epidermal elasticity.

Silk – has the capability of water retention in deep skin layers, effectively levelling and lightly lifting, as well as intensively regenerating and improving elasticity.

Directions for use: Shake before use. Apply a thin layer of the product and spread it evenly across the skin of the face. In order to obtain better coverage, the foundation can be applied layer by layer.

The foundation can be applied in two ways:

– apply a small amount of the foundation directly onto the skin with a pipette, then gently spread it with your fingers. Warm fingertips slightly heat up the foundation and make it easier for it to blend into the skin.
– apply directly onto the skin or hand with a pipette and spread it with a sponge. It will help you achieve a perfect, adjustable coverage level.

Make-up artist’s tips:

It’s really convenient to apply the foundation with a pipette beginning from the centre of the face and then continuing outwards.

To make the foundation look as natural as possible, try gently patting it into the skin with your fingertips.